System for monitoring RNP for safe terrain clearance

US Patent 7,693,618
April 6, 2010
Systems and methods for monitoring Required Navigational Performance (RNP) Procedures and reducing nuisance Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System warnings including a processor, a memory with RNP instructions and data, and a communication device. The processor accesses the RNP data and instructions from the memory, and uses the communication device to obtain flight information from a Flight Management System of an aircraft. When the processor determines that the aircraft is in RNP space, the processor projects an RNP envelope and modifies a warning envelope of an EGPWS to coincide with the RNP envelope if the EGPWS warning envelope extends farther than the RNP envelope.

Snow riding implement

US Patent 7,690,674
April 6, 2010
A ski in accordance with the invention increases in width from a tip or shovel portion to a mid-portion. The mid-portion includes at least a slight sidecut. The ski then decreases in width from the mid-portion to a tail portion. The ski also includes an undersurface with a substantial portion being rockered. A substantial portion of the mid-portion of the ski is not rockered.

Network-based system and method for accessing and processing legal documents

US Patent 7,693,866
April 6, 2010
A system and method stores electronic legal documents, such as email messages, in a database system such that electronic characteristics associated a native format of the electronic legal documents are substantially preserved. The electronic characteristics that are preserved include metadata and conversational threading information, directory path information, attachments, and other electronic document information. Once in the database system, the stored electronic legal documents are indexed and can be searched by users at terminals. The users at the terminals are provided with access to the database system via a server. The terminals have user interfaces to provide the users with a variety of searching, processing, and saving capabilities, including the ability to follow conversation threads, view attachments, and index and retrieve selected electronic legal documents in a manner that allows use of the stored electronic characteristics.

Electrical connecting apparatus

US Patent 7,688,094
March 30, 2010
In an electrical connecting apparatus, a first guide is arranged in a plate-shaped lower base in which the contactors are arranged. The first guide has a first space for guiding a device under test so that its electrodes will contact the tips of contactors and for positioning the device under test against the contactors. The device under test is guided to the first space by second guides and is received and thrust by the tips of the contactors. By doing so, displacement of the device under test caused by displacement of the upper base or the second guides is prevented.

Display of high-cruise-altitude weather

US Patent 7,688,254
March 30, 2010
A method implementable in a weather-radar system of an aircraft, the weather-radar system configured to generate to a display device, in response to radar return information indicating reflectivity levels below a predetermined reflectivity threshold, an image in a first presentation format. The method includes determining if the altitude of the aircraft is above a predetermined threshold altitude, and, if the altitude of the aircraft is above the threshold altitude, displaying, in response to radar return information indicating reflectivity levels below the predetermined reflectivity threshold, the image in a second presentation format different from the first presentation format.

Marine radar systems and methods

US Patent 7,688,257
March 30, 2010
Marine radar systems and methods for producing low power, high resolution range profile estimates. Non-linear Frequency Modulation (NLFM) pulse compression pulses are frequency stepped to form a low power, wide-bandwidth waveform. Periodically, calibration filters are determined and applied to return signals for correcting non-ideal effects in the radar transmitter and receiver.

Cooling system for rack-mounted electronics equipment

US Patent 7,688,584
March 30, 2010
A rack-mount case system for receiving, supporting and storing electronics equipment includes a slide-out frame closely received and shock mounted in a case. The system includes a cooling unit having at least one heat sink in fluid communication with a first blower and a manifold in fluid communication with a second blower. A thermoelectric unit is located between the heat sink and the manifold to provide a compact cooling unit that may be secured to a side of the slide-out frame with a bracket, for example.

Dynamically self-balanced fluid turbine

US Patent 7,682,127
March 23, 2010
A system and method for orienting first and second reaction turbines relative to an axis of rotation responds to a fluid flow having a flow orientation axis. The fluid flow is received in a casement. The casement has first and second endplates situated parallel and spaced apart along the axis of rotation. A first half of the fluid flow drives the first reaction turbine to rotate with a first spin orientation in a plane perpendicular to the axis of rotation to produce a first torque about the axis of rotation. The second half of the fluid flow drives the second reaction turbine, offset from the casement plane relative to the first reaction turbine, with a second spin orientation opposite the first spin orientation to produce a second torque about the axis of rotation. The casement is oriented about the axis of rotation in response to the first and second torques.

Collapsible colander and bowl

US Patent 7,678,271
March 16, 2010
A collapsible container consists of three parts: a rigid top rim, a flexible center band, and a rigid base. This combination of sections allows the container to easily collapse to about one-third of its original height. The container is also quite stable when expanded and is self-supporting. In various embodiments of the invention, for example, the upper rim may be expandable, the base may include holes or mesh to serve as a colander or strainer, or the base may be configured as a tube to function as a funnel.

Networked sonar observation of selected seabed environments

US Patent 7,679,995
March 16, 2010
A sonar transducer network for observing a seabed includes a controller. A first transducer assembly includes a first acoustic transducer to convert a first ping to a first electrical signal; and a first transducer processor to receive a first electrical signal from the first acoustic transducer to generate the first transducer data. At least one second transducer assembly is spaced apart from the first transducer assembly. The second transducer assembly includes a second acoustic transducer to convert a second ping to a second electrical signal. The second transducer processor receives the second electrical signal from the second acoustical transducer to generate second transducer data. A network bus communicates first transducer data and second transducer data with the controller.