Filesystem hierarchical aggregate metrics

US Patent 10,459,892
October 29, 2019
A software and hardware facility persistently maintains metrics on directories at different levels within a tree of a filesystem. The facility hierarchically aggregates attributes of files contained by directories and stores them as metric values in each directory within a tree. The stored values represent summed or otherwise aggregated data from the descendant directories and files. The metric values represent aggregated attributes such as total space consumed by a directory and all the descendant directories and files, total number of files within a directory, total data blocks used by a directory and its descendant directories and data files, etc.

Dynamic permission modes

US Patent 10,460,122
October 29, 2019
Embodiments are directed to managing data in a file system. A file system engine provides a file system that includes file system objects that may be accessible by two or more clients that use different native permission schemes. And, a permissions engine may determine map rules based on characteristics of a request to access request a file. The permission engine may execute the one or more map rules to provide platform permission values based on the native permission values. The permission engine may compare requested platform permission values to the platform permission values associated with the file. The permission engine may provide the access rights to the file based on an affirmative result of the comparison.

Filesystem block sampling to identify user consumption of storage resources

US Patent 10,459,884
October 29, 2019
Providing a statistical analysis of all files in a file system based on random sampling of data blocks to identify individual user consumption of file system resources and characteristics of the files stored in the file system. In one or more of the various embodiments, the file system is based on information for a plurality of cylinder groups. Also, each cylinder group may include at one or more known locations at least three types of data structures that enable reverse mapping of data blocks to root directories.

Method of installing interface pad on concrete ties

US Patent 10,458,071
October 29, 2019
An interface pad for a concrete tie includes a resilient contact pad to cushion the tie from any overlying parts in a railway application, such as panels in a grade crossing or rails in a turnout. The pad may be flat or a cupped shape and may be of varying size to accommodate varying tie widths. The invention further comprises means and methods to correctly secure such an interface pad to a concrete railroad tie and minimize the possibility that the interface pad will be forcibly removed from the tie during installation of the tie.

Monitoring device

US Patent 10,456,522
October 29, 2019
A monitoring device provided for monitoring the delivery of fluids through a drip chamber. The device includes an electromagnetic radiation (EMR) source and an EMR detector. The device includes a tubing set mount for receiving a flange or other portion of a tubing set, such that fluid falling through the drip chamber of the tubing set is detected by the detector.

Systems and methods with a swellable material disposed over a transducer of an ultrasound imaging system

US Patent 10,456,105
October 29, 2019
A catheter assembly for an ultrasound system includes an elongated catheter for insertion into the cardiovascular system of a patient. The catheter includes a sheath that defines a lumen extending along the sheath. The catheter assembly also includes an imaging core for inserting into the lumen of the catheter. The imaging core includes an elongated, rotatable driveshaft and an imaging device coupled to the distal end of the driveshaft with rotation of the driveshaft causing a corresponding rotation of the imaging device. The imaging device includes at least one transducer for transforming applied electrical signals to acoustic signals and also for transforming received echo signals to electrical signals. The imaging core further includes a swellable material disposed on at least the at least one transducer and configured and arranged to rotate with rotation of the driveshaft and to swell upon exposure to a fluid.

Extending policy rulesets with scripting

US Patent 10,454,768
October 22, 2019
Embodiments are directed towards using policy rules that may be extended by scripting operative on a traffic management device. Each policy rule may have a condition and a corresponding action. If the condition is a script, a script engine separate from the policy engine may be employed to execute the script to determine if the condition is met. Otherwise, the policy engine may determine if the condition is met based on declarative expressions that comprise the condition. If the condition is met the action corresponding to the policy rule may be executed. Scripts may be used to compute the values of operands that may be used in one or more of the expression that comprise a condition for a policy rule. Also, the action corresponding to a policy rule may be implemented using a script that is executed by a script engine.

Docking sleeve with electrical adapter

US Patent 10,454,515
October 22, 2019
A protective arrangement for an electronic device includes a flexible cover having a panel and a skirt that form an interior cavity to receive an electronic device; and an adapter fixedly positioned in the flexible cover and having a male plug with connectors extending into the interior cavity of the flexible cover for mating with a female socket of the device and a contactor with contacts adjacent outwardly from the flexible cover and electrically coupled to one or more of the connectors of the plug. A docking cradle or external adapter can receive the electronic device and cover.

Web browser remoting using network vector rendering

US Patent 10,452,868
October 22, 2019
Methods, systems, and techniques for application isolation by remote-enabling applications are provided. Example embodiments provide an Adaptive Rendering Application Isolation System ("ARAIS"), which transparently and dynamically enables applications to run in an isolated execution environment yet be rendered locally in a manner that minimizes the amount of data to be transferred and the latency caused by expensive computation and/or by overburdening available bandwidth by remoting rendering using draw commands over rendering using pixel pushing or other techniques. In one embodiment, the ARAIS includes an orchestrator server which comprises remoting level determination logic and rules engine, pre-computed graphics libraries, connection support logic, data repositories for objects such as a render cache, whitelists, blacklists, client privileges, and application information, and one or more secure containers running remote application instances. These components cooperate to deliver isolation-ready technology to client applications.

Fast scanning with dynamic voxel probing

US Patent 10,451,737
October 22, 2019
A LIDAR system includes a scanner; a receiver; and one or more processor devices to perform actions, including: scanning a continuous light beam over the field of view in a first scan pass; detecting photons of the continuous light beam that are reflected from one or more objects; determining a coarse range to the one or more objects based on times of departure of the photons of the continuous light beam and times of arrival of the photons at the receiver; scanning light pulses over the field of view in a second scan pass; detecting photons from the light pulses that are reflected from the one or more objects; and determining a refined range to the one or more objects based on times of departure of the photons of the light pulses and times of arrival of the photons at the receiver.