Medium and method providing the ability to display or hide a wood load from buyer view

US Patent 7,689,471
March 1, 2010
A method implementable in an electronic system coupled to an electronic device, the electronic device being coupled to a display device. A description of a load to display is received from the seller. At least one term governing the sale of the load is received from the seller. A definition of product items that will appear on the load is received from the seller. A web page displayable on the display device is served to the electronic device. The displayed web page includes a description of the load. A purchase order for the load is received from the electronic device.

Insole and shoe having an insole

US Patent 7,617,618
February 26, 2010
This invention relates to an insole which is essentially adapted to the profile of a human foot and has, in the middle foot area, an elastically deformable dome-like arch that faces the foot. To reduce the technical and financial production expense of an insole and to improve the wearing comfort of a shoe through an insole, in particular an insertable insole and to improve the fitting shape of the shoe by means of an insole and to feed air into and out of the shoe interior with the aid of an insole, the insole according to the invention exhibits in the region of the elastically deformable arch at least one ventilation opening, which during walking causes ventilation of the shoe interior in conjunction with the elastically deformable arch.

Steering system for a vehicle

US Patent 7,617,900
February 26, 2010
A includes two skis turned by a handlebars gripped by a user. A shaft formed of two sections couples the handlebars to the skis. The sections are angled with respect to one another and coupled to one another by means of a U-joint oriented such that for small rotations from a straight orientation of the handlebars the U-joint transfers a greater force to the skis than for rotations between large angled orientations of a range of angled orientation of the handlebars.

Patent 7,624,025

US Patent 7,624,025
February 26, 2010
Methods and systems for supporting the production of shipping labels are provided. Example embodiments provide a Shipment Management System (“SMS”), which facilitates the production of shipping labels. The SMS may be configured to generate a shipping uniform resource identifier (“URI”) that identifies a shipping protocol and includes shipment information and post-back information. The shipping URI may be provided to a shipping label module configured to produce a shipping label in accordance with the shipping protocol by outputting a shipping label based on the shipment information, and automatically posting information about the producing of the shipping label to a code module identified by the post-back information. This abstract is provided to comply with rules requiring an abstract, and it is submitted with the intention that it will not be used to interpret or limit the scope or meaning of the claims.

Patent 7,624,165

US Patent 7,624,165
February 26, 2010
A method and system to provide multiple connections to a device from separate physical networks through the same logical network layer while keeping connections persistent. In order to keep connections persistent and change physical networks, at least one additional connection is needed to seamlessly accomplish the “hand-off”. If one or more signals from the network host to the device (35) are weak or degraded, then multiple connections can provide redundancy of data being sent from the host to the device reducing the amount of lost data. Multiple connections can be used to increase the amount of data that can be sent to the device at any given time. The system also contains various multiplex servers (49-42) that are assigned to one or more mobile devices, and acting as the device’s proxy in order to transfer data back and forth.

Weather incident prediction

US Patent 7,664,601
February 16, 2010
A method for short-term prediction of storm cells in aircraft using a modified weather radar system, and a modified weather radar system embodying the method. The storm cell prediction method including the operations of accessing first and second weather radar images generated relative to the aircraft and having a similar relationships to the aircraft; mapping the first weather radar image onto the second weather radar image; comparing the first and second weather radar images; forecasting information describing a weather condition represented by the first and second weather radar images; retrieving a phase of flight of the aircraft; and generating a warning as a function of the forecast information describing a weather condition and the aircraft phase of flight.

Patent 7,606,779

US Patent 7,606,779
December 26, 2009
Systems and methods for aggregating and using data corresponding to physical samples in a virtual environment. The method includes receiving a first physical sample, sensing a first aspect of the first sample to generate first sample first aspect data, storing the first sample first aspect data in a datastore, sensing a second aspect of the first sample to generate first sample second aspect data, storing the first sample second aspect data in the datastore, generating first sample transformed data by running a first series of algorithms using at least one of the first sample first aspect data and the first sample second aspect data, and storing the first sample transformed data in the datastore.

Patent 7,611,466

US Patent 7,611,466
October 26, 2009
An ultrasound transceiver scans an organ and processes the echogenic signals to produce three-dimensional, two-dimensional, and one-dimensional information of the organ. The 3-D, 2-D, and 1-D information is utilized to determine the thickness, surface area, volume, and mass of the organ wall.

Patent 7,606,872

US Patent 7,606,872
September 2, 2009
A system and method providing a media server system are disclosed. A software module for storage on a computer and operable by the computer is provided to receive a media request for a media selection from a media source including video and audio data. The media selection is retrieved, and a media signal conveying the media selection is communicated. A communications hub receives the media signal and transmits the media selection for play on a remote media device. A receiver configured to communicate with the communications hub and with the remote media device receives the media selection and communicates the media selection to the remote media device for play. A set of media preferences associated with an identifier allows for selectable access to media content. A plurality of remote interfaces each can be coded for generating an identifier, whereby using a particular remote interface invokes a set of media preferences.

Patent 7,614,059

US Patent 7,614,059
February 26, 2009
A method is presented for a mobile agent object to discover services available in a host-computing environment. According to an embodiment of this method, the mobile agent object requests a service listing from the host environment. The host environment returns a service listing to the mobile agent object in response to the request for the service listing. The mobile agent object then determines if a particular service is within the returned service listing and requests the particular service if the particular service is determined by the mobile agent object to be within the returned service listing.