USPTO Revises Patent Subject Matter Eligibility Guidance

March 7, 2019 | Intellectual Property News

On January 7, 2019, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office released the “2019 Revised Patent Subject Matter Eligibility Guidance” to assist USPTO personnel in evaluating subject matter eligibility. (84 FR 50, Jan. 7, 2019, “Guidance.”) The Guidance revises the procedures for determining whether or not a patent claim or patent application claim is directed to […]

Elevating lift dispenser and container

US Patent 10,167,132
January 1, 2019
A container includes a canister having an upper lip, and an operator having an operator main body. The operator has a gripping ring at one end that defines an operator upper lip and a container opening. The gripping ring outside diameter is greater than an outside diameter of the operator main body. The canister includes a helical grooved canister engagement feature which extends about the canister. The operator includes an operator engagement feature which is a longitudinal slot formed through the operator main body. A lift having a lift projection is received in the operator, and the operator main body is received within the canister, with the lift projection extending through the operator engagement feature and into the canister engagement feature. The gripping ring extends at least partially over the canister upper lip, and a lower edge of the gripping ring is located adjacent the canister upper lip.

Lead and methods for brain monitoring and modulation

US Patent 10,166,385
January 1, 2019
An apparatus, a system and methods for modulating and monitoring tissue have an elongate member with proximal and distal ends and a plurality of annular stimulating electrodes axially arranged along the elongate member. The stimulating electrodes are disposed near the distal end and are adapted to pass current into tissue. At least one of the annular stimulating electrodes has at least three independent stimulation points on the electrode. The apparatus also includes a plurality of recording electrodes that are adapted to measure local tissue potentials and a plurality of conductors are coupled with the recording and stimulating electrodes. An optional multiple contact connecting terminal may be coupled with the conductors and is disposed near the proximal end of the elongate member.

Identification device, system and method

US Patent 10,165,052
December 25, 2018
An identification system includes an identification device and a communication device. The identification device is attached to an article and including a sensor. The identification device is configured to operate in a plurality of modes and configured to switch between modes of the plurality of modes based on one or more conditions of a surrounding environment sensed by the sensor. The identification device is configured to send data to a server. The communication device of a user of the identification system is configured to receive data including location data of the identification device from the server using short message service protocols or messages through a signaling channel.

Merged permission modes

US Patent 10,162,980
December 25, 2018
Embodiments are directed to managing data in a file system. A file system engine may provide a file system that includes file system objects accessible by two or more clients that use different native permission schemes. The file system engine may receive an access request from a client to access the file system objects that includes native permission values. A permissions engine provides platform permission values from a platform permission scheme associated with the file system objects. The permissions engine provides requested platform permission values based on the platform permission scheme and the native permission values included in the access request. The permissions engine compares the requested platform permission values to the platform permission values associated with the file system objects. The permissions engine provides access rights to the file system objects based on an affirmative result of the comparison.

Machine-assisted key discovery and join generation

US Patent 10,162,881
December 25, 2018
Embodiments are directed towards managing data. Attributes of model fields of a plurality of model objects may be analyzed. If the analysis of the attributes discovers primary key fields in the model objects, the characteristics of the primary keys may be compared with the characteristics of other model objects. If affirmative results of the comparison indicate that one or more foreign key fields may be in the other model objects, one or more relationships that associate the primary key fields with the foreign key fields may be provided. And, a system model may be provided based on the relationships and the model objects that include the primary key fields and the model objects that include the foreign key fields.

Clause discovery for validation of documents

US Patent 10,162,850
December 25, 2018
Embodiments are directed to managing documents where clauses in a document may be identified. Evaluations of the clauses may be provided based on evaluators and machine learning (ML) models that assign each of the clauses to a category and a confidence score. Actions associated with the clauses may be monitored including updates to content of the clauses. Inconsistent evaluations associated with the clauses be identified. The ML models may be retrained based on the content of the clauses associated with the inconsistent evaluations.

Mandoline slicer

US Patent 10,160,133
December 25, 2018
A mandoline slicer includes a slicing blade between a runout ramp and a platen defining an adjustable slicing ramp. A set of cubing blades is selectively movable between extended and retracted positions, extendable through slots formed in the runout ramp. A pusher is configured for 90 degree rotational movement to allow perpendicular cutting by the cubing blades before slicing by a main blade.

Torque lock anchor and methods and devices using the anchor

US Patent 10,159,833
December 25, 2018
A lead anchor includes a body defining a lead lumen having a first opening and a second opening through which a lead can pass. The body further defines a transverse lumen that intersects the lead lumen. An exterior member is disposed around at least a portion of the body. The exterior member is formed of a biocompatible material. A fastener anchors the lead to the body through the transverse lumen by deforming a portion of the lead. The transverse lumen is configured and arranged to receive the fastener. At least at least two suture tabs extend from the exterior member and are configured and arranged for receiving a suture to suture the lead anchor to patient tissue.

Apparatus, systems and methods for a content commentary community

US Patent 10,158,892
December 18, 2018
Systems and methods of emulating a conversation about a thematic content event are disclosed. An exemplary embodiment receives a member dialog video from a community member who is a member of a plurality of community members, wherein the member dialog video includes video and audio portions, and wherein the member dialog video expresses at least one of a personal opinion and a personal viewpoint about the thematic content event; generates dialog text from the audio portion of each received member dialog video, wherein the dialog text comprises words and phrases spoken by the community member in the member dialog video; receives a modified thematic content event; compares the words and phrases of the dialog text with the plurality of keywords; and associates at least one portion of the member dialog video having the words and phrases of the dialog text that match with the matching keyword of the anchor point.