System and method for providing services on a distributed network

US Patent 7,937,713
May 3, 2011
A method implementable in an electronic system for enabling a runtime environment to provide a service to a mobile agent object includes providing a service interface characterizing a method for providing the service to the mobile agent object. A service-description interface operable to provide a description of the service is provided to the mobile agent object. In response to receiving a selection of the description from the mobile agent object, a service object operable to provide the service is instantiated.

Method and device for analyzing the effects of the vibrations of a vehicle acting on a person

US Patent ,937,241
May 3, 2011
Methods and systems for analyzing vibrations of a vehicle acting on a person. The person uses a sprung vehicle seat. A detection unit detects acceleration values fitted to the vehicle seat in the x-, y- and z-axes at preset intervals of time. An increase over time of the acceleration values cumulated with one another is determined and a time calculated from this when a pre-determinable permitted maximum of the cumulated acceleration values will foreseeably be reached.

Location-aware distributed sporting events

US Patent 7,934,983
May 3, 2011
Various embodiments facilitate location-aware distributed competitions. In one embodiment, a system facilitates a distributed sporting event that includes multiple players traveling over courses that are remote from one another. The system includes a manager that receives state information, such as location information, from client devices used by each of the players. The manager then transmits location information for each of the players to the client devices, which are each configured to present a graphical representation, such as a map annotated with the locations of each of the players. The manager asserts a course to each of the players, by providing specific instructions to travel along a particular path. The client devices provide the players with the appearance of competing over the same course, even though they are all actually competing over courses remote from one another.

Air spring for a vehicle seat, and vehicle seat comprising such an air spring

US Patent 7,934,708
May 3, 2011
An air spring for a vehicle seat. The air spring includes a plurality of air spring components which delimit at least one air spring chamber. The air spring forms an intake air connection and a discharged air connection for controlling the height and/or level of the vehicle seat, wherein the air spring furthermore has, for controlling the height and/or level of the vehicle seat, a valve device which is integrated in the air spring or in at least one air spring component.

Aircraft collision avoidance system

US Patent 7,932,838
April 26, 2011
A system for monitoring a volume of space surrounding an aircraft having a plurality of extremity portions includes a plurality of sensors. Each sensor is disposed at a respective corresponding one of the aircraft extremity portions. Each sensor is configured to generate an image of a monitored area covering a predetermined distance from the extremity portion at which the sensor is disposed. A processing device is configured to determine, from an image generated by a first sensor of the plurality, a characteristic of an object within the monitored area covering the predetermined distance from the extremity portion at which the first sensor is disposed. The processing device is further configured to generate a signal in response to determining the object characteristic.

Silicon tab edge mount for a wafer level package

US Patent 7,932,570
April 26, 2011
A Micro-ElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS) device having electrical connections (a metallization pattern) available at an edge of the MEMS die. The metallization pattern on the edge of the die allows the die to be mounted on edge with no further packaging, if desired.

Compositions and methods for wastewater treatment

US Patent 7,931,822
April 26, 2011
Methods and compositions utilizing aluminum, magnesium, and calcium-based additives for the treatment and neutralization of wastewater are described for removing contaminants from wastewater, including reducing phosphorous-containing compounds, total suspended solids (TSS), biological oxygen demand (BOD), fats, oils, and greases (FOG), and total Kjedahl nitrogen (TKN) are described. Methods and compositions to control pH, sulfur and sodium loads present in wastewater and precipitatable solids are described. Concentrations of aluminum, magnesium, and calcium-based additives are maintained at mass action concentrations to the wastewater component levels present in the wastewater and bracketed approximately +/-0.5 pH units about the pK value of the soluble, buffering species.

Integrated resonating gyro accelerometer in a semiconductor substrate

US Patent 7,929,143
April 19, 2011
An integrated interferometric gyroscope and accelerometer device. An example device includes a cantilever beam, a package having a post connected to one end of the beam, a piezoresistor driver, a piezoresistor sensor, and a semiconductor interferometric optical gyro. The piezoresistor driver is incorporated within the beam at a first area proximate to the post. The driver electro-thermally resonates the beam. The piezoresistor sensor is incorporated within the beam at the first area. The sensor piezoresitively senses a signal that relates to an acceleration force out-of-plane of the beam. The semiconductor interferometric optical gyro is also incorporated within the beam at a second area of the beam. The gyro senses rotational motion about an axis approximately equivalent to the acceleration force out-of-plane of the beam. The gyro includes a waveguide, a laser source and a light detector. The beam is formed from a semiconductor substrate.

Systems and methods for communication to a gimbal mounted device

US Patent 7,928,895
April 19, 2011
A system and method wirelessly communicates signals between a device on a gimbal and a stationary transceiver. An exemplary system has a gimbal with a moveable portion, a device affixed to the moveable portion, a gimbal transceiver coupled to the moveable portion, and a stationary transceiver, wherein the gimbal transceiver and the stationary transceiver are configured to communicate with each other using a wireless signal.

Integrated position light overlap baffles

US Patent 7,918,592
April 5, 2011
A position light including a base that is configured to attach to an aircraft. The base having an extruded overlap baffle. A first LED is coupled to the base underneath the overlap baffle. A circuit card is also coupled to the base and is extended over the first LED toward the over flap baffle. A second LED coupled to a circuit card. The extended overlap baffle and the extended circuit card block visible light emitting from the first LED.