Elevating lift dispenser and container

US Patent 10,167,132
January 1, 2019

A container includes a canister having an upper lip, and an operator having an operator main body. The operator has a gripping ring at one end that defines an operator upper lip and a container opening. The gripping ring outside diameter is greater than an outside diameter of the operator main body. The canister includes a helical grooved canister engagement feature which extends about the canister. The operator includes an operator engagement feature which is a longitudinal slot formed through the operator main body. A lift having a lift projection is received in the operator, and the operator main body is received within the canister, with the lift projection extending through the operator engagement feature and into the canister engagement feature. The gripping ring extends at least partially over the canister upper lip, and a lower edge of the gripping ring is located adjacent the canister upper lip.