Contact assemblies for leads of electrical stimulation systems

US Patent 8,909,354
December 9, 2014

First contacts are disposed along a distal end portion or a proximal end portion of a lead body of an electrical stimulation lead. A contact assembly is disposed along the other of the distal end portion or the proximal end portion of the lead body. The contact assembly includes a tubular-shaped composite structure formed from multiple layered elements mechanically coupled together and rolled together into a tube. Each of the layered elements includes a first electrically-nonconductive substrate, a second electrically-nonconductive substrate, and micro-circuits laminated therebetween. Second contacts are disposed over the composite structure and electrically coupled to a first end portion of at least one of the micro-circuits. Lead-body conductors electrically couple the first contacts to the second contacts. Each of each of the lead-body conductors is attached to a second end portion of at least one of the micro-circuits.