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Practice Areas

LGJ Intellectual Property Agreements

The attorneys of Lowe Graham Jones have extensive experience in the preparation, negotiation, and enforcement of intellectual property agreements, including:

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Supreme Court to Consider Awards to Successful Patent Defendants

The patent statutes allow the award of attorneys’ fees in a patent infringement lawsuit to the prevailing party—plaintiff or defendant—in exceptional cases. The Federal Circuit Court of Appeals has long held that a prevailing accused infringer must prove the plaintiff's position was objectively unreasonable and that it was subjectively (that is, knowingly) asserted in bad faith. Some companies that have been sued for patent infringement contend that the standard should be lowered, making it easier for a successful defendant to recover its fees when defending against a weak patent infringement case. Now the Supreme Court has agreed to consider that question.

Federal Circuit to Reconsider Internet Process Patents

On May 21, 2012, the Supreme Court ordered the Federal Circuit to reconsider a decision related to a method for allowing Internet users to view copyrighted material for free in exchange for watching advertisements. At stake is whether a process of this sort can be patented at all, even if it is new and not obvious in view of the prior art.

America Invents Act Signed by Obama

President Obama signed the America Invents Act into law on Friday, September 16th. The act makes several significant changes, including scrapping the first to invent system in favor of a first to file system, imposing surcharges on filing, modifying certain litigation and reexamination practices, and curtailing litigation based on false patent marking.