Systems and methods for network destination based flood attack mitigation

US Patent 9,628,503

April 18, 2017

Embodiments are directed towards network address based flood attack mitigation methods. A PTMD disposed between one or more computers may monitor several network flows and generate metrics associated with malicious network activity, such as, flood attacks. If flood attacks are determined to be occurring, the PTMD may determine the network addresses targeted by the flood attack. Further, the PTMD may activate flood attack mitigation procedures for the targeted network addresses such that other network addresses associated with the monitored network flows are excluded from the flood attack mitigation procedure. The PTMD may monitor the network traffic subsequently communicated to the targeted network addresses. Accordingly, the PTMD may determine if the flood attack has ceased based on characteristics of the monitored network traffic. If the flood attack has ceased, the flood attack mitigation procedures for the targeted network addresses may be deactivated.

filed in: Recently Obtained Patents

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