Multi-rotor personal air vehicle with a central lifting fan

US Patent 10,040,544

August 07, 2018

A flying vehicle with a fuselage having a longitudinal axis, a cockpit extending substantially from the center of the fuselage, a left front wing extending from the fuselage, a right front wing extending from the fuselage, a left rear wing extending from the fuselage, a right rear wing extending from the fuselage. Each wing contains a rotor rotatably mounted and a direct drive brushless motor providing directional control of the vehicle. A centrally located ducted fan encompasses the cockpit and provides VTOL capabilities. The central location of the cockpit and central ducted fan aid in balance and stability. The central ducted fan is itself a brushless motor with the stator windings encapsulated in the ducted fan housing and rotor magnets within the fan. All motors and rotatable mounts are controlled by a fly-by-wire system integrated into a central computer with avionics allowing for autonomous flight.

filed in: Recently Obtained Patents

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