Minimize recycle SYN issues for split TCP hot flows to improve system reliability and performance

US Patent 9,525,632

December 20, 2016

Embodiments are directed towards employing a packet traffic management device that has a split data flow segment (“DFS”) and control segment (“CS”) to determine if a connection flow update provided by the DFS to the CS is valid. The CS may be utilized to establish connection flows at the DFS based on connection flow requests. The CS may generate a connection flow identifier (“CFID”) for a connection flow request. The CS may cache the CFID at the CS. The CS may establish a connection flow at the DFS based at least on the connection flow request and the CFID. After a connection flow is established, a DFS may provide a connection flow update and a corresponding CFID to the CS. The CS may determine that the connection flow update is valid if the corresponding CFID matches the CFID cached at the CS.

filed in: Recently Obtained Patents

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