Machine vision for ego-motion, segmenting, and classifying objects

US Patent 10,043,282

August 07, 2018

Systems and methods for machine vision are presented. Such machine vision includes ego-motion, as well as the segmentation and/or classification of image data of one or more targets of interest. The projection and detection of scanning light beams that generate a pattern are employed. Real-time continuous and accurate spatial-temporal 3D sensing is achieved. The relative motion between an observer and a projection surface is determined. A combination of visible and non-visible patterns, as well as a combination of visible and non-visible sensor arrays is employed to sense 3D coordinates of target features, as well as acquire color image data to generate 3D color images of targets. Stereoscopic pairs of cameras are employed to generate 3D image data. Such cameras are dynamically aligned and calibrated. Information may be encoded in the transmitted patterns. The information is decoded upon detection of the pattern and employed to determine features of the reflecting surface.

filed in: Recently Obtained Patents

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